• Writings and thoughts on the cyclists, the culture and the history of Le Tour de France

No One Knows What They Are

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” — W. Somerset Maugham Not much has been written here over the past few months. Not that work on the books hasn’t been done, in fact, much of the heavy lifting of writing as been going on – research.  But … Continue reading

“Jerseys are only temporary”

“Jerseys are only temporary,” FDJ team manager Marc Madiot said when asked to celebrate both the polka dot and white jerseys, as Arnold Jeannesson remains the Tour’s best young rider. “When we draw conclusions in Paris, only the wins count.” Perhaps Madiot might be excused in his assessment after making it while awash in disappointment. … Continue reading

The Art of Groveling

Working is what domestiques do.  Injuries, pain, recovery, now go to the front and pull.  That’s the mantra.  If you are a Tour-class domestique you often get your recovery back on the bike, especially in the weeks before the Tour de France, there simply isn’t any time to train and recover otherwise.  Besides, every pro … Continue reading

Punching the Clock

“Now, as a professional, my job is suffering.” –Michael Barry Trying to slip inside the peloton is nearly impossible.  Imagine trying to describe the feeling, view and emotion inside a school of 200 fish, or flock of migrating birds, or rushing herd of wildebeests on the Serengeti Plains.  The view from the roadside delivers part … Continue reading


When I started this new blog I felt it was time to change the way I feel, understand, and communicate my passion for this sport.  The last thing I thought I would begin writing about was it’s most tragic possible outcome. Reflection There were tiny black strips of cloth fluttering in the thirty-five kilometer an … Continue reading

Why Le Velo, Le Tour ?

Why the change?  What was wrong, or wasn’t right, about Gerry’s Daily Ride?  Evolution I suppose.  It just seemed time to move on, forward actually, with how I connect to cycling, specifically my passion for Le Tour de France–its history, its culture, its legends, its joie de vivre, its je ne se qua.  That became evident … Continue reading